Thursday, September 04, 2008


I accepted my daughter Sara's ultimatum that I would decide by tonight whether or not to accept her offer concerning Barack Obama: "If you vote for him I swear I'll marry a jew. Magen David."

Tonight was McCain's' turn....and I FELL ASLEEP TRYING TO WATCH JOHN McCAIN'S ACCEPTANCE SPEECH!!! It was that bad. And so I have only a few things left to factor into the equation.

1. Sarah Palin was not a responsible choice for Vice President; Joe Biden was. Initially, I thought her selection rivaled that of Dan Quayle in 1988; now I think there is a chance her selection may echo Tom Eagelton's short-lived candidacy in 1972. Everything I hear from Alaska insiders is that Palin is an airhead and venal. I suspect there are more snowbilly scandals in her family we have yet to hear about, and some of these may not only be salacious but have political significance. Bad choice, John -- and it says a lot about McCain's judgment. If he still wins (as did Bush 41 with Quayle in 1988), it will not be because of anything she brings to the table.

2. I found some of the speechifying against Obama from the RNC in St. Paul plausible: I think the Republicans have correctly tapped into a vein of conceit and narcissism in Barack Obama, and if the Republicans pound on this theme the next 2 months, it will reap electoral benefits.

3. It is important to me and my "wedge issue" values that my children marry Jews;


I will vote for the national Democratic ticket in November.

So Sara, now the ball is in your court. And even if I am long dead and gone before you finally decide to go the route of legalized monogamy, I will be watching from the afterworld.