Wednesday, December 13, 2006

How to restart?

Forgive me, all 3 readers of my blog. I've been working the past 3 months. You know, the professor thing comes in waves, and during the semester blogging just doesn't have the same therapeutic value as when the pressure is off.

Now it is Finals week, and the blue books are piling on, so I will still need about a week to get myself back into the mindset for blogging. So much ahs happened these past 3 months that almost prompted me to re-ignite this thing, but I simply said to myself: "Nope, not big enough." But taken all together - midterm elections, Rummy's departure, the Iraq Study Group, the Holocaust conference in Tehran, Ehud Olmert's potty mouth, and there is plenty grist for the mill. Give me another week and I'll be back. Promise.


  1. Believe it when I see it.

    And yet, I still check every day.

  2. …'bout time!

    2006 Symposium on Strategic Analysis
    Middle East Study Group
    University of Bassett Creek