Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mike Zoss Pharmacy, Pt. II

Today a number of Jewish organizations in Minneapolis received a fax concerning upcoming extras casting call for "A Serious Man," the next Coen brothers' movie set to start shooting early September in the Twin Cities. I wrote an earlier blog about this upcoming Jewish-themed movie. In today's fax, among the named extras is a call for a character named "Mar King," -- a "grey haired man who speaks Hebrew and is the teacher at Hebrew school." Mar is the proper modern Hebrew honorific for "Mr.," from the more ancient Hebrew word "master."

What a hoot! For those of us who went to the Minneapolis Talmud Torah for the decades between the 1940s through 70s, Mar (Joseph) King is remembered as one of the beloved members of the Talmud Torah faculty. Joel & Ethan are really digging deeply into the realia of the Minneapolis Jewish communtiy of the 1960s. Great job!

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