Monday, July 20, 2009

The Last Straw, Continued

So sometime today the OU (the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America) issued a statement regretting what it calls the "unauthorized link" to the OU in the booklet entitled "From Two Sides of the Border" (see previous post). This fabricated concoction of accusations was distributed for months by the IDF to its soldiers, and was apparently approved by someone in the Israel office of the OU. " has been ascertained that this endorsement was made by staff at the OU’s Israel branch office, and was never submitted to, nor approved by, senior Orthodox Union management." Here's the oldest damage control trick in the PR book: compartmentalization. Then the OU statement goes on to conclude: "The Orthodox Union expresses its sincere regret to those of other faiths who may have been embarrassed or offended by the publication of this work." Oy vey!

This lame rescinding of endorsement of the booklet by the OU is beyond disappointing. It is appalling. Is it inconceivable to the wise men of the OU that just possibly someone of their OWN FAITH might be embarrased or offended by the publication of this work?

Can someone say "tone deaf"?

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