Saturday, June 08, 2013

Big Data meets Big Brother

Prescient? 2 days after I made the decision to sever my ties between my Twitter feed & my Facebook timeline, PRISM is outed, with FB identified as a major supplier of data (and Twitter not). I know there is no such thing as privacy in a surveillance society lusting after the wonders of "big data," but I'd expect the "cool" internet companies I interact with to put up at least a little fight against the government. They certainly try to leave us with the impression that they are all on our side. Sure, we know they are monetizing every click we make...but naively I assumed that passing it all on to the USG was not part of their greedy consumer agenda.
One other thing - if you use GoogleDrive to store your documents - you probably made a mistake. Dropbox so far has reportedly resisted lifting its skirt to the NSA.
To put it simply, when it comes to unconstitutional overreach, the former constitutional law scholar Barack Obama makes George W. Bush seem a rank amateur.

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