Saturday, October 27, 2012

Undecided Voter Again, Part II

So this is what it feels like to be an undecided voter this late in the game. Maybe I've done this to myself by making an obvious vote for one candidate over the other into such sturm und drang. Just one vote.

When I last considered my vote in the 2012 election two weeks ago, I talked myself into taking a pass on voting for President for the first time in my life.
Now I am having second thoughts.
Using my poker metaphor, I checked on the flop. But there were still 2 more cards to be revealed. So now 10 days out - and not 21 - let's say the turn card has been revealed.
In other words, I realize I am still in the game. I am still undecided. And I might be up to the moment I am in the ballot box.
The need to take a stand against the Republican agenda on the executive level is a very compelling argument. Mitt Romney is a moderate Republican of intelligence and stature. However, if Romney wins the White House, there will be besides him one and possibly 2 branches of government to promote the anti-scientific, pro-business, pro-defense, intolerant agenda of a sizable segment of the GOP. The more conservative elements of the Republican party would have a field day.
Weak as Obama is, as hapless a leader, his White House has sometimes provided effective push-back against the most nonsensical components of the Republican manifesto. Oh, did I mention I am enraged by the Obama administration's support of the Patriot Act, and Holder's enforcement of federal marijuana laws? 
Where does that leave me?
Today? Leaning Obama.
Let's see the river.

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