Friday, November 23, 2012

Netanyahu: Enemies more and less important

Bibi Netanyahu, quoted in today's Haaretz by Yossi Verter, explaining to those disappointed in Israel that there was no ground war in Gaza to bring down the HAMAS regime:
"I know where the public is at, but I see the big picture: we have enemies that are more important and less important. We are dealing with them in the order of their importance. We also have neighbors, and they too are important. We also have other fronts. You have to take into account the whole picture."
Now I freely admit that my speculation offered up earlier this week that the 8-day Operation Pillar of Cloud was first and foremost a cover feint to disguise the mobilization of the IAF in anticipation of an aerial strike on Iran might be wrong. With elections scheduled for January 22 it seems that domestic considerations might play a part in timing an attack on Iran.
I still feel fairly confident that operational secrecy for an Iran attack will require a camouflaged mobilization of the Air Force. Nothing that has transpired in the last 10 days contravenes my speculation. The more the local and international media remains preoccupied with Palestine, and the less and less that Israeli leaders speak about Iran, the more likely my speculation becomes probable. I still stand by my guess, fully aware that I may have the entire situation completely misread.

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