Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Walking Dawn in America

When I attempted three weeks ago to make a thoughtful prediction of the US Presidential election, I recalled that
I have a horrible track record predicting presidential elections. For as long as I have been blogging, I have been wrong, both in 2008 (when I got the right outcome, but with numbers that were woefully off) and 2012 (when I thought Romney would win).
Well, here I am again, as wrong as ever. I had predicted 305-233 in favor of Clinton. Turns out these two numbers might be right, but with the wrong colors, and the opposite outcome. To my credit, I thought it would be tight, much tighter than my fellow predictors had imagined, a victory without a mandate. At least that much was right. 

At least I was wise enough this year to avoid all bets. 

As an intital Bernie supporter who has never before pulled the lever before for Hillary Clinton, I felt I was #StuckWithHer. Personally, I am glad to be done with the Clinton family soap opera. Whatever political coalition emerges to oppose the future President Trump, the Clintons won't be part of it. Good riddance. I wish the Clinton Foundation great success. 

The only silver lining? Massachusetts passed Question 4. In a little more than a year my neighboring state will be selling recreational cannabis. I'll need it, because for the moment what I am ailing from (at least for the next 4 years) does not qualify for medical cannabis here in Connecticut.

I'll try later to place this within the analytical model of a reality show, which I have come to believe is one useful way of processing the outcome. The central character of 2016's most shocking reality series deserves his own account.

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